Welcome to my site & journal,

My name is Theresa  this is where I’ll be sharing my art, photography & design work. I also wanted to include my blog /journal so you can see what I am currently working on, any shop news, announcements & my artist’s journal.

In my artist’s journal I share products, photography & art tips,  what has inspired me, color inspiration & the process I used to create what I am working on. I also like to share books that I have read that helped me, online classes or art related information, blogs that inspire me, journal & photography prompts along with tips for you. Site Disclosure If you would like to work with me see my blog info. page drop down menu or visit here

I have always been creative, a seeker of sorts, an experimenter, a risk taker. I am a nature lover & passionate about all things creative {& my family}

Also I am the author of DearCreatives.com { A Crafting, Creative & Inspired Living Site } My former art journal is at MsartistTheresaHuse.blogspot.com occasionally I pop in & share from there. I don’t know that I will import at the moment, but you can visit for more creative content, my prior art journaling & photography…

Thanks for reading my mini introduction of sorts, subscribe to follow along reading my journal & get to know me better. I’d love to get to know you. I love getting comments & will answer them here on the site.

About Sharing & Pinning Content: 

Yes you may share & pin my content but, it must be linked back to this site & with proper credits to me Theresa Huse when sharing on your blogs. If you want to share more than 1 image in a post please email me prior to ask permission. No post may be copied in part or full & shared on your site. I ask you respect my hard work & dedication to my art / photography & design work. No Image may be taken & derived into something else. Do contact me at any time at DearCreatives@gmail.com for any questions, please include reference to this site & subject matter in email subject. I am happy to do interviews, guest posting & answer inquiries to work or commission work.

Yes, sometimes I do share work & that work will be noted available for download & the terms on the post where it is shared.