Our Day at the Coast – Photography:Central Coast, CA

view of Piedras Blancas Light house, Theresa Huse 2013

Hard to believe summer is waning. Honestly it went too fast & with too little planned. But, we did manage a few extended weekends & at the end of summer a trip to pick up Sammie who went to visit my brother after they came to visit. I haven’t edited photos of South Lake Tahoe, […]

Photography:Carnival & Fair Art “Pops of Color & Lots of Fun!”

Snap Shot of Clown Carnival Art, clown, clown art , Theresa Huse 2013-

I recently took some photography of some carnival & fair artwork when we were at the fair. I love the pop color & style of the art work at fairs & carnivals. Of course most artists don’t sign these works of art from fairs or carnivals. They are hired to create these beautiful art works […]

Quick Two Day Trip to Sonoma County, CA: Photography

grapevine with vineyard in the background, Sonoma County, Grapevines, Theresa Huse 2013

I recently had the chance to be attend a pre-grand opening for a Smart & Final. Taking product shots & sharing my experience. I do love their stores. It gave me the chance to visit Sonoma County & some of my family in a quick two day trip. I didn’t grow up there, just spent […]

Pets with Personality! Animal Photography Portraits & LinkUp

Black & White Old English Bulldog puppy © 2013 Theresa Huse 2013

Today I thought I would share a funny story of how I came about taking my pet portraits. I was setting up for a photo shoot for some products I just had my art & photography put on. (more about that later) I completed taking the photographs & was working on the computer. Then next […]

“In My Yard” Spring Photography

dandelion, spring flower, herb, Wish Theresa Huse 2013-03322

I had wanted to get to the botanical gardens, but somehow time got filled with must have instead of wish list. Since I had little time to travel there lately I looked to right in front of me. I am not sharing the cream of the crop yet of these photos I took of spring […]

Springs Tree Blossoms Photography

Purple blossoms on a bush Theresa Huse 2013-0604

Just a quick post today sharing some spring photography. Snapshots of what I am working on. I have been trying to get out a few times a week in between being busy & in between weather to capture some blossoms on trees & bushes. The trees have been stunning this spring. Maybe the lack of rain […]

Flower Photography “First Signs Of Spring”

Daffodil being held up by hand, Daffodil, Spring Flowers Theresa Huse 2013-0163

I am seeing signs of spring around here & taking photographs of flowers in the garden. Soon I will be able to trek around with my camera to various places to photograph what ever is catching my eye. I had planted these daffodil bulbs a season ago & despite the fact that I need to plant more it […]

Sea Weed Feathers Photography & Prose

Sea Weed, Feathers, Sea Gull feathers, Theresa Huse 2013,photography

I thought I would share some photographs of a sea weed of feathers that I photographed from the last time I was at the beach. I had made a sculpture of sorts with them. It often wears on me when I don’t get a chance to go hear the ocean waves crashing, feel the breeze […]