“In My Yard” Spring Photography

dandelion, spring flower, herb, Wish Theresa Huse 2013-03322

I had wanted to get to the botanical gardens, but somehow time got filled with must have instead of wish list. Since I had little time to travel there lately I looked to right in front of me. I am not sharing the cream of the crop yet of these photos I took of spring […]

Flower Photography “First Signs Of Spring”

Daffodil being held up by hand, Daffodil, Spring Flowers Theresa Huse 2013-0163

I am seeing signs of spring around here & taking photographs of flowers in the garden. Soon I will be able to trek around with my camera to various places to photograph what ever is catching my eye. I had planted these daffodil bulbs a season ago & despite the fact that I need to plant more it […]

Sea Weed Feathers Photography & Prose

Sea Weed, Feathers, Sea Gull feathers, Theresa Huse 2013,photography

I thought I would share some photographs of a sea weed of feathers that I photographed from the last time I was at the beach. I had made a sculpture of sorts with them. It often wears on me when I don’t get a chance to go hear the ocean waves crashing, feel the breeze […]

Simple Things That Catch Your Eye “Flower Photography”

peach rose, rose, flower against a fence, flower

I have been meaning to share this post for awhile. Sometimes it is the simple things that capture my eye & heart. Flowers are one of them. I will photograph flowers anywhere I see them even stopping or going out of my way if they are amazing to my eye. I don’t always grab the best […]

Letting Go Of Artwork

Artwork Theresa Huse 2012 Letting go of "MyHeart"

Hello there, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to begin with my journal on this site. But, when I came across this article / blog post via Illustration artist Katie Rodgers of Paper Fashion about becoming unattached from your art work I thought that is a good place  to start & topic. I have been […]

New Free App For Site

Art & Photography + Journal of Theresa Huse QR Code for app

Hello, Just getting ready to launch & here is a way you can read the blog on your iPhone or Android! Just grab the Bloapp for free & install it. Then either search for my blog or better yet make it easy & just scan the code here! Here is the link for the free app […]

Updating site!

Theresa Huse 2012-05428 350x

I am just getting this site started. If you would like to visit my crafting site in the mean time please do so. This is where I will be sharing my most current artwork & creative endeavors. You can visit my shop via the other site DearCreatives.com as of right now. Thanks for stopping by! PS. […]