Practicing and Improving on Food Photography + Round Up of Top 5 Tips & Tutorials for Food Photography

Just a short post here today! I’ve been so busy at my other site and with practicing my photography that I have hardly been able to update here. I am hoping to change that come the first of the year. I am also going to have someone help me up date my site to get my shopping cart functioning properly. Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned. Good things are coming in 2014! If you are looking for holiday inspiration, recipes and crafting or diy ideas be sure to visit me at my other site. I even managed to share some recent photography in a behind the blog blogging post. Here are just a few food and product shots. And then a round up of the top five posts I found to help with my food photography and might help you with yours!

I have been working hard at dialing in some details with my food photography. Go to my Pinterest boards TheresaHuse on Pinterest and follow me you can and see what articles I bookmark for photography  tips and inspiration.

Limes_ Salt_ Wooden spoons _Dusk overlay_Theresa Huse 2013

This photograph has  a dusk overlay. I softened the edges with editing software the focal point limes with salt right in between the two lime halves.

Chili Peppers_Theresa Huse 2013

We had a bunch of chili peppers given to us so I used these to practice taking food shots. Later I cooked some and then also I dried some of the chilies. This also has a dusk overlay to it. The original is much brighter and intense. I like taking photographs in natural light. It has the best results. You just need to watch for glare areas and that they don’t over power your image. I probably could of taken them out with software but, haven’t worked on this image that much.

product shot in image knox gelatine_ Theresa Huse 2013

Of course when writing up content for recipes I often take product shots. This time it was taken without a tripod. If I had set up the tripod it probably would of been much clearer. But, for the purpose I was using it for it’s readable and wasn’t for a company or brand post. I didn’t have my helper Sammie at home at the time. I often share my favorite food and recipes on my other site. Most are quick and easy, some are baking as that is our favorite. I have a recipe gallery you can view and grab recipes from too! Below is our favorite Chicken Tortilla Soup.

Bowl of soup_ Theresa Huse 2013-3968

My favorite things to photograph are florals and nature. You can see some of my latest winter photography right here  at I have taken quite a bit more but, need to find the time to edit as well as blog about them. Stay tuned! I am hoping to get a holiday card free printable up for you real soon! But, in the mean time on the other site on the crafts, diy and freebies page you can print some gift tags for free. Don’t forget practicing and taking many photography shots along with reading how to articles or taking a class is what will improve your photography! I have a long ways to go with my food photography and styling but, enjoy taking those shots. I know I’ll be using the articles below to help me to continue to improve. Enjoy the round up of tips and tutorials!

Places where you can find food photography tips:

Happy Holidays! And Photographing!

What is one tip that has helped you with your photography?

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