Our Day at the Coast – Photography:Central Coast, CA

Hard to believe summer is waning. Honestly it went too fast & with too little planned. But, we did manage a few extended weekends & at the end of summer a trip to pick up Sammie who went to visit my brother after they came to visit. I haven’t edited photos of South Lake Tahoe, although I hope to soon. When my brother dropped by here we made it to the coast so I am going to share photos of our trip to Cambria, CA & San Simeon where the Elephant Seals migrate & breed on our coastline.

girl from back taking a photo of a mountain view, Theresa Huse 2013

We started our journey from Paso Robles, CA on Hwy. 46 West & stopped at the top of the mountain at it’s highest elevation the views are amazing. I am still editing photos & hope to share more from this point of view. Onward we went.

Beach, Cambria CA Beach, Theresa Huse 2013-

One of my favorite views when rounding the corner at the beach. I love staying long enough to see the sky start to change as the sun sets. Seeing waves with the light hitting & they glisten, sea gulls searching for fish & flying low. A light breeze was blowing, just enough to keep it cool compared to inland & not strong enough to have it cold or blow sand in your face.

Driftwood on the beach, Theresa Huse 20132013

I love driftwood. Whether sculptures are created by nature or people. It is just so beautiful. Sometimes we pick up little pieces, but we only picked up some sea shells this day. One of my favorite sounds the waves crashing. I found a log to sit on as the kids played in the sand after we walked the beach several times.

Girl playing wood flute, Theresa Huse 2013-

Sammie brought her wood flute with her, playing it out nature. Seeing her play it reminded me of reading stories of the indigenous California Indians, Chumash.

Elephant Seals, squirrel, © 2013 Theresa Huse 2013

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The Elephant Seals are are quite interesting to watch basking in the sun, brushing sand on themselves as they lay there. As I walked along a little squirrel stopped to pose for me. Sometimes via a live webcam they have set up at the beach you can see them. Just visit this link to see Elephant Seals WebCam to visit the organization that has docents on the beach, slide show & more information visit  ElephantSeal.Org

view of Piedras Blancas Light house, Theresa Huse 2013

If you have never visited the Central CA, coast it is a must see. Not far from here is the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse &  Historic Hearst Castle. I hope to have some more photos to share soon & get back to my painting as Sammie is back to school now. Be sure to subscribe & stay up to date! By Rss, email or FaceBook just see side bar!

Have you visited the Central Coast?



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