Photography:Carnival & Fair Art “Pops of Color & Lots of Fun!”

I recently took some photography of some carnival & fair artwork when we were at the fair. I love the pop color & style of the art work at fairs & carnivals. Of course most artists don’t sign these works of art from fairs or carnivals.

They are hired to create these beautiful art works for fairs, then paid & go on their way. The unsung heroes of  the carnival, fair world. Some of the artwork is huge murals, other works smaller pieces on sides of food carts, then there is always the restoration of the merry go rounds.

There are some things I love about the fair. Bright colors, signs, artwork, cotton candy, watching my kids ride fun rides. Today I am sharing some photography I took of the fair artwork while hanging out with them at the fair.

Snap Shot of Clown Carnival Art, clown, clown art , Theresa Huse 2013-I hope you enjoy the colors, design, writing styles & fun some of these images evoke. I thought the flying guys reminded of art from The Yellow Submarine, from the Beatles movie.

Clown Carnival Art, clown art, pop art,  fair art,  Theresa Huse 2013

The humor in some of the fair art is pretty funny.

Carnival Candy, Cotton Candy ,carnival art, fair art, Theresa Huse 2013

I love cotton candy & when I saw the bright colors of the sign it caught my eye. I love how the fair looks at night but, we didn’t go back. After the heat of the day we had enough. Maybe next year I’ll go at dusk to grab photos as it just starts to get dark & lights go on.

Carnival Ping Pong Toss Theresa Huse 2013

One of our favorite games at carnivals & fairs is the ping pong toss. All one price & everyone gets a prize! (stuffed animal or blow up toy) Then everyone can go home smiling.

Merry Go round, Carnival Art ,fair art, photography, Theresa Huse 2013

Another favorite is the merry go round with it’s hand carved top, lights & colorful horses. Jump on take a spin sitting on a horse or sit on a seat. Kids love to ride it. I love enjoying taking photographs of the carousels  (Wikipedia history)  One of my favorites to this  day is the carousel in Golden Gate Park you can view images here from this website

The artwork of the rides, artwork of fairs,  past & present can make the fun time even more fun thanks to the artists who keep up the traditions of creating the art or restoring artwork at the carnivals, fairs & even the circus. I hope you enjoyed the mini tribute to the carnival & fair art today use.

When is the last time you visited either the carnival, fair or circus?

Visit here to see other photography I hope to share more soon! But, you can also catch me posting daily on my other site 

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