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I’ve been doing a lot of anime type drawing with pens. Sammie was really into it & also draws manga style, along with her own little creations. I love seeing her skills develop. I am constantly looking to manage my time better to push myself to get back to painting & daily art journaling. Maybe she would enjoy that too?

I do so much better when I am creating daily! Not just writing, blogging, drawing. There is something very freeing to journaling. Writing & drawing what comes to mind, letting go of certain things for healing. Just journal, I say to myself! & you. But, first let me share about my fabric design with pens.

Fabric Print made with permanent markers, print on fabric, flower fabric, handmade fabric, Theresa Huse 2013

Recently I also have been using the pens (enter to win a set link below & see our Anime drawings) for drawing on fabric. I shared a tutorial of what I made on my other site (DearCreatives).The thing is you would think that with all this pen, sewing & craft work that I would be satisfied. For me in my heart the things I wish to develop deeper are my painting, photography & writing. The rest is play. Oh, how I love to play. Indoors & out. I need to get serious this fall, get back into my painting  & start journaling right now.

Nature Lover, Journal Page, © 2012 Theresa Huse 2013-08120

Why am I posting all this & where am I going? Well I thought I would share a page from my art journal from some time ago. Kind of a reminder to myself to get back to my journal, starting a new one. And also to share with you I added a freebies page with a lot of my journal prompts I have used. I’ll I ask if you use them is like me on Facebook & subscribe for more,  as a way to say thanks! Oh, there are some printables there too!

Cut, print, paste, glue, write & paint in your journal! Then share it with me on Facebook or Google + if you like or leave me a link to your journal page in the comments. I would love to see what you are working on or created in your journal! I hope to have a new journal page to share soon. Happy Journaling.

If you want to enter my giveaway for a set of drawing pens drop by here! when your done with your visit.

When was the last time you worked in your written or art journal?

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