Fun Arts & Crafts Online Classes! On Sale & Some Free!

I’ve had a bit of a busy summer. If you have kids you know how that can be, juggling it all. I have been practicing with my camera & doing some drawing with permanent markers such as anime & designs on fabric. I promise to share it in my next post. But, I have also been taking a few online classes & thought you might be interested in them for yourself or even your kids.

Disclosure: This post does contain affiliate links by which I can earn a tiny commission to help with site costs, but all my opinions are my own & 100% honest.

Creative Bug online class 9.99 screen shot

They are from Creativebug Inc. Have you heard of them? This summer they have been having big sales on their classes making it really affordable to take them!

Which is exciting, for both me & for Sammie. She is at the age (11) where she loves to draw & craft, seeing her learn new skills is great. For me I love to dabble in other arts & crafts, that is why I have two sites one sharing everyday crafting & goings on then here where I share more of my photography & art.

Creative Bug online crafting classes snapshot of sale page

Any way, back to Creativebug Inc & learning. I thought I would share a few of the classes that have sparked our interest & on our to do list to take now that they are having such great sales. As you can see from the image above $9.99 for a video class that is quite amazing and affordable! & their are pages of choices. The other option is if you really end up liking them you can subscribe for low monthly rates & have unlimited access to all the classes for a one, three or six month period! $16.99 for one month of unlimited 130 classes!!

Sewing machine image for sewing class from Creative bug

So you can see if you are going to take more than one it might be to your advantage to sign up for a month & enjoy as many as you can! PS they even have a few free classes such as sewing machine basics, cutting basic squares, seams & applique shapes…. But, don’t just take my word for it you can visit Creativebug Inc & see for yourself!

What will you make today? Inspiring arts and crafts video workshops on

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