A Single Rose Beautiful Yet Complex “Rose Still Life Photography” + Freebie

If you’ve been reading the journal you know that roses have just started blooming in my yard & the area I live in. I love having  flowers in the house as much as I love to see them on my bushes. They are so over abundant right now I had to clip a few & take some still life photos, then I altered them. Today I thought I would share a few of those rose still life photographs, along with a free affirmation card for you.

Rose with Mediation hand  - added lighting 300x Theresa Huse 2013-0926

When setting up my still life shots I have this mediation hand in my kitchen & thought how perfect to try to capture natures beauty, it is what brings me peace. I slightly over exposed the image then added the light rays. The photograph pretty much stood for itself as it was. Simple yet complex just as nature is.

Single Rose with Paint Overlay 300 x Theresa Huse 2013-0926

This is the same overexposed photograph with a paint overlay. Of course there are plenty of times I don’t edit my photographs up in any way & share them almost raw but, with these still life photographs I wanted to add some overlays & experiment with the rose images. When I look at nature’s beauty that is the simplicity of it, yet when you look closer at the single rose or natures treasures that is when the complexity comes out. How is something so beautiful here? In the bigger context.

Breathe with red writing, affirmation card, breathe Theresa Huse 2013-0926

Affirmation – Mediation Card Printable Freebie (see all terms below-personal use only)

I am working on some photographs for prints & hope to have some up for sale soon. Along with a set of affirmation or meditation cards. You may print the above one for yourself if you like it has a white border around caption area + entire card (which won’t show on computer) & should be printed on color or cream card-stock. It will be small in size. You may not redistribute or alter in any way. It may be for personal use only. When I have a full set I will let you know how to get them & actual print size. Please like me on FaceBook & subscribe if you download for yourself, pinning is fine if linked to this post. I hope you enjoy it!

Let me tell you a little about my inspiration. When I start to feel un-grounded or get a little uneasy with myself, what I am working on or unhappy I find that nature is one of the most prevalent ways what soothes my soul. Just getting outdoors to take a walk & look at nature or grab my camera & photograph it. Nature’s beauty is what inspires me. I may even be inspired to make a painting of this still life photograph. I believe my favorite image so far is the overexposed photograph with the rose which is almost raw, but you’ll have to wait for the set of prints to be ready to see it. Let me know which altered photograph is your favorite & if you liked the affirmation card via comments!

What brings you happiness when you feel uneasy about life or your artwork? What is your favorite thing to photograph?

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