“Warrior Princess” Completed Acrylic Painting

I went on to add details to the acrylic painting that ended up being what I called a “Warrior Princess” to see the back story on this painting be sure to see my previous post( link at bottom of this post). There is a fine line between pushing your painting & going to far. Or experimenting & then making a blunder of some sorts. Finding you aren’t liking it all all & possibly just working right over it. My biggest piece of advice to myself & you is to be forgiving.

Warrior Painting, acrylic painting 1 Theresa Huse 2013-0157-2

Paint like when you were a kid, paint like nobody cares, then paint some more. Paint from your soul, how you are feeling & being sure to let go. Take a class to learn or watch how people paint online or offline, but then practice & find your own style, which may take a lifetime of creating. What is important is to remember not to compare what you are doing, which can be so hard with the internet & all the talented artists abound. Seriously that is what started to trip me up when I had to take a break. Comparing who is better than me, who is….how far…. It made me feel like I couldn’t paint, I wasn’t good enough. But, I felt a longing calling me back, an emptiness inside. I had to find the “Warrior Princess” in me & paint again. (sorry this next shot is kind of blurry) When the sun is shining & I can take it outdoors I promise to update the photograph.

Warrior Princess, follow your heart Theresa Huse 2013-0155

As an artist we all want to create good, meaningful art! That’s part of the goal right? Then the next the business end & other challenges. We all have to eat, pay bills… But, seriously to me it means nothing unless I love what I am creating & it is coming from my heart. This is my art brightening up my soul. I am so happy to be painting again, blunders & all. Not every day is ending up with a great finished piece, something to be proud of & that is ok.  Messy hands, dishes undone, paint water dirty, cleaning up & racing along to pick up my kiddo from school. What ever the day brings I hope each day brings me to painting again sooner than later & if I had it my way, everyday! I hope you find the time to create, paint & explore.

Warrior Painting close up, Acrylic painting, Theresa Huse 2013-0156

The biggest happiness I get is when I make something that makes “me” happy! When I am creating for “me”. Clearing my thoughts onto paper or canvas. It is a continual process with such healing aspects. I think as an artist I work better if I work for “me” with no judgement s. You may choose to like it or not, but of course I hope you get something from my painting. If I have touched your heart – art strings in any way feel free to leave me a comment. & I would love to see what you are creating.

For this painting I added the gold iridescent & blocked the feather earring with a teal blue craft paints. I also used pastel pencils to add depth to the lips & shadow to the neckline & neck area. I used a blue & purple pastel pencil around the eye area. When I do take more photographs in proper lighting. I hope to make prints & I’ll update you.

To see the other materials I used & back story behind the “Warrior Princess” see this previous “Warrior Princess” Post: Warrior Princess beginning & process of creating 


 What do you love about painting?


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